Thursday, 28 November 2013

New Sponsor

A great news for myself as well as my team!!!
SPORTCHEK has become my new personal sponsor as well as an outerwear sponsor for Ski Jumping Canada. 
This is a fantastic addition to my journey to the Olympics and I am so thankful for everyone from Sportchek as well as the FGL Sports staff. 
Seeing that Sportchek became the new Canadian Olympic Team sponsor this year it seemed the chances were slim, but wow! I was so happy and excited when I first heard the news. 

Last week I met up with a FGL Sport manager at Crowfoot Sportchek (also the store I work at) and went on an Adidas gear shopping spree, and today my team was able to experience the same shopping spree! 
There were a lot of smiles and I am so proud to be representing both Canada and Sportchek!!! 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ski Jumping Canada jersey

Our club came up with a cool idea to sell Ski Jumping Canada logoed hockey jerseys to raise some money for our club.

You can choose between a Ski Jump Canada jersey or a Nordic Combined Canada jersey. 
And you can get either a national team athletes name, your name, or any name on the back of the jersey.
The price for the jersey is $165 each and 100% of all the earnings go towards the club. It's a great chance to help out our club as a whole.
Just click on this link:

If you would like to help me individually than please click here:

Monday, 18 November 2013

Mondelēz Canada new COC partner launch

Mondelēz Canada, makers of world-famous brands like Cadbury, Dentyne, Oreo and Ritz, has partnered with the Canadian Olympic Comittee (COC). 
To help spread the word Mondelēz Canada reached out to a few Canadian athletes to help launch this news virtually. 
Fortunately, I was one of those athletes and recieved a nice gift of goodies. 
The coolest thing ever was the personalized Dairy Milk chocolate bar that had my name right on the packaging as well as a "good luck" message! 
I am honored to be apart of this launch and so stoked on the goodies! #prideandjoy 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

back on snow!

so that time of the year has rolled in to start jumping on snow! Drove all the way down to Park City, Utah with my team to do a short training camp before we head out to Norway for our World Cup opener early December. 
So far we have had 3 days of jumping and all I can say is I MISSED THIS. 
We only have a couple more days here, unfortunately the weather is warm so the jumps are the only place with snow but thanks to the hard work the Park City crew put in we are having great training here.