Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Whistler training camp

World Cup season started off down in lillehammer, Norway last weekend. I personally did not have a great start, I think this time my nerves took over and I wasnt able to give my best performance. But that is now done and I have learned my lesson from that.

The day after we came home from Norway we flew down to Vancouver to get some quality training in at the Whistler Olympic Park. 

First day this morning jumping and WOW the hill is in perfect condition! nice ice tracks, dead wind, nicely groomed landing hill. Could not have made it any better and I would just like to thank all the hill workers and volunteers that made this happen for us! THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

The best part is we (myself, Alexandra, Taylor) just the 3 of us get this facility all to ourselves this week!! how awesome is that!? 
we have amazing people helping us to prepare for the Sochi Olympics and I think this week will definetly help us out in the long run seeing that we can take as many jumps as we want and we dont have to wait around for other jumpers because the hill is just for the 3of us here.

This morning my jumping actually went pretty good! The technique is getting there I just need to find a way to use my legs more so I can get a better effect off the take-off. 

Well I am off to the gym now for some weight training! will keep in touch :) 

Monday, 2 December 2013

So far in Slovenia....

Day 3 now in Slovenia, and I have been pretty busy down here. 
First day was mostly travel and fighting the jet leg.. Well unfortunately I am still fighting jet leg but day 2 we got to sleep in,so I did just that! 
In the afternoon my team went down to the centre of Ljubljana, where there are castles, old homesteads and churches as well as a few small shops. Beautiful architectures all around the centre, it's amazing to just come back and see it all again. 
I also met up with an old friend, he is a Slovenian Skijumping coach that temporarily coached me for a few weeks. It was great seeing him, along with his wife and baby Sara! She was so cute and just like any other baby she was SO energetic after she ate hahaha
That's her in the picture! 

By night we went to a gym to do an aerobics class with Bine's wife (Bine is our men's coach). It was exhausting but so much fun! The aerobics steps were fun after we got used to the rhythm and right after we got into a lot of TRX excercises to strengthen our core. 

Now today was a whole different story.......
First thing in the morning we headed over to the Dali factory to get fitted into our Skijumping suits. Our teammate Mckenzie picked out the color and material for us which turned out great!
Than we visited the Elan ski factory, Toni the boss man hooked us up with some Elan swag :) 



It was everyone's first time in the wind tunnel today, we would always hear stories about and see pictures of other athletes using the wind tunnel but it is so amazing to actually get the chance to go and use it myself. There is so much I learned today from this experience, I can not wait to get on the actual skijump and test out some of the things we worked on. 

I just want to thank Akrapović.com as well as Bine who hooked us up with them and let us use the wind tunnel facility. It was a great experience and I am thrilled at the opportunity. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Here is a picture of me in the wind tunnel :D